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Levent Özel Textile Tourism Industry Trade and Limited Company

We have completed our 25th year in the curtain and home textile industry.
We serve in the domestic and foreign markets as wholesale and retail.

Our wholesale store is at the Vişne Trade Center,
Our Retail Store is located on Cumhuriyet Street, the apple of the eye of Bursa.
Our production place is in Bursa Anatolian neighborhood,
We are a company that can export to 24 countries with our Istanbul Laleli store.
We are continuing our efforts meticulously in order to provide our customers with the best quality products in our warehouse with the best service with the color chart service.
We provide our customers with the fastest way, the products they want, with the color chart and ball cutting service.
We increase our service quality by renewing our efforts to establish our best and fastest logistics network every year.
In order for our customers to sell our products in the best way,
 We enable them to benefit by using new technologies.

We are a company that pays attention to the work of our business partners and happily gives our best service to create the smallest details.
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